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We collect, evaluate, and disseminate medical information to support patient care, research, and education.



Cynthia Fombutu’s passion for medical information can be traced back to her childhood in Cameroon. From looking up random facts in her father’s tattered Encyclopedia Britannica books in post-colonial Africa, to her pharmacy school education, to her more recent Master of Health training, information gathering has always been Cynthia’s driving force.

Obsession with attention to detail and data, spurred Cynthia toward a career that harnesses clear insights from health information data. In short, she is enthusiastic about providing accurate and concise information aimed at categorizing and disseminating drug safety issues and medicine-associated concerns.

Cynthia now owns DossierCraft, a company that provides medical information and health communication writing services. Her training as a pharmacist and health informaticist provides clients with insights and answers that are informed by evidence-based research methods and health data analytics.

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Medical Information

Our Medical Information deliverables are designed to provide healthcare professionals with accurate and concise information.

Product Dossiers: Comprehensive and up-to-date information about pharmaceutical products

Standard Response Documents offer standardized and reliable answers to common queries.

Physician education materials that enhance medical professionals' knowledge with evidence-based research.

Sales Force Materials equip pharmaceutical sales representatives with persuasive content to effectively communicate product benefits and drive successful sales outcomes.

Health Communication

Are you looking to educate and engage diverse audiences?

Epidemiology: we develop informative materials that raise awareness of disease patterns, risk factors, and preventive measures.

Decision Aids empower patients and healthcare providers with evidence-based information for shared decision-making.

We support public health initiatives through impactful Public Health Communication materials, inspiring behavior change and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Data Visualizations transform complex health data into visually appealing graphics, facilitating efficient interpretation and data-driven decision-making.

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Medical Information

Medical Information specialist research and answer questions about off-label uses of medications. Read on to see the level of detail included in our standard response questions.

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We organize medical information, including literature searches, database management, and information analysis.


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Health Communications

We ensure that healthcare professionals have access to accurate and up-to-date medical information to provide the best possible care for their patients.

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"DossierCraft has been an invaluable partner in our pharmaceutical company's success. Their medical information services, including product dossiers and physician education materials, have provided us with accurate and up-to-date information that has significantly influenced our decision-making processes. Their attention to detail and evidence-based approach have exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend DossierCraft for their exceptional expertise in medical writing."

Professional Dermatologist

Dr. Amanda Roberts

Medical Director



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